A tooth implant is an artificial tooth designed to match your teeth. It is attached by a screw that screws into an abutment, which is fixed into your jawbone. It gives you a long-term solution to tooth loss and is, in most cases, a better solution than a bridge or dentures. Here at Boutique Dental 23, we will talk you through all the stages of having a dental implant and the benefits it can bring you.

Defining Dental Implant

Dental or tooth implants refer to creating an artificial tooth that fastens into your jaw. They are used where teeth are missing and as an alternative to bridges or dentures. Teeth rely on each other to keep their shape and function, so you must fill the gap if you have a missing tooth. Tooth implants are a long-term solution to this problem and can give you many years of hassle-free use.

How Dental Implants Work?

1. Initial Evaluation and Planning—We always begin by discussing your teeth and deciding whether a dental implant is the best way forward for your situation. We treat all our clients individually and always evaluate and plan the best treatment for your teeth.
2. The Tooth Implant Surgery Process — dental implant surgery has several stages. At your initial consultation, we will discuss each step of the process so you know exactly what to expect. Your jawbone will be evaluated to check whether it needs a bone graft to make it strong enough to hold the abutment. If you have a diseased tooth, this must be removed before any work can be done. Once the jaw is ready, the abutment can be implanted into it. After this has healed, the dental implant can then be attached. It is a multistep process and will require a series of visits to the dentist.
3. Bone Grafting — When Is It Needed? Bone grafting is only required if the jawbone is not sufficiently strong to hold the implant. We will check the health of your jawbone during our initial assessment.
4. Installing the Abutment—Once all the preparation work has been done, we will be able to install the abutment into your jaw, ready for your new dental implant.
5. Fitting Your New Artificial Teeth — once all the preparation work has been done, your new artificial tooth can be fitted.
6. Recovery and Aftercare — remember to look after your artificial tooth. Your dentist will advise on the best aftercare for your new tooth. Each process stage will require a recovery period, and we will advise on how best to facilitate a speedy recovery.

How do Tooth Implants Differ From Other Dental Procedures?

Tooth implants are a multi-step procedure, which means that they can take a while and require time for healing along the way. The majority of dental procedures that we have in our lives only require a single session in the dentist’s chair. This multi-stage approach can be daunting, so remember all the benefits of having a dental implant.

Benefits Of Tooth Implants

There are many benefits to having tooth implants, such as chewing. Many people dislike having a gap in their teeth, and an implant can restore the appearance of a smile. It can also improve the health of your other teeth by making them more stable and the health of the gum and jawbone. Overall, a dental implant can improve a person’s quality of life, which will more than outweigh the inconvenience and discomfort of having the procedure carried out.

Comparing Teeth Implants With Bridges and Dentures

The alternative to tooth implants are bridges or dentures. These are simply other versions of artificial teeth. Other than in specific cases such as mouth cancer, tooth implants are not generally available on the NHS. It will cost more upfront, but they will also last longer than dentures, which will need to be replaced every five to eight years as the shape of your face changes. Dentures can be uncomfortable at first as you get used to them. Generally, we consider tooth implants the best long-term option, but each situation is different, and we will always advise you on the solution for your teeth.

When Are Tooth Implants the Best Option?

Dental implants are an excellent solution where one tooth is missing or needs to be replaced. In younger people, who may need to have many versions of dentures over the years, an implant is the best choice. If you have an existing bridge or dentures but are having continual problems with them, then a dental implant may be the best solution.

Lifespan and Durability

Your dental implants will last many years as long as you look after them. They can often last a lifetime, but generally, they will last for around 20 years as long as you look after them. Always ensure regular checkups with your dentist and care for your teeth and dental implants according to your dentist’s advice.

Common Misconceptions About Tooth Implants

There are various common misconceptions about tooth implants, such as that they are very painful, don’t last very long, are very expensive, and aren’t suitable for anyone with dental anxiety. We will talk you through the procedure and put your mind at ease. All the work is done with a local anaesthetic, so will be painless. You may have some discomfort afterwards, but this can be treated with over-the-counter painkillers. They last for many years, and consequently, while they may be more expensive upfront, they will prove better value for money than other alternatives over time. If you are anxious, please speak to us, and we can give a sedative to very anxious patients.


As with all procedures, it is sensible to understand what will happen and the benefits that it will bring. If you have any questions, our experienced team is always on hand to answer them. We understand that this can be a big decision and want to support you in this process.

Considering Getting a Dental Implant?

If you are considering getting teeth implants, you have come to the right place. Our experienced and reassuring team at Boutique Dental 23 are on hand to talk you through the procedure and ensure you are fully informed. We will always conduct a thorough evaluation and give the best advice for your teeth and oral health. Everyone is different, and we will always give the best recommendation for you. We understand that many people are anxious about dental work, and our kind and compassionate team is here to support you through this. If you want to have an initial discussion about whether a dental implant is the best solution for you, take a look at our dental implants page or simply give us a call to book your appointment at 01942 727465.


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