Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

‘Clinical excellence from caring professionals’

In January 2017 we had our CQC Inspection in which we were identified as a notable practice in the following:”

  • The practice was a pilot site for a number of patient pathways and initiatives promoting prevention and improved dental health, some of which became national guidance.
  • We think this is notable practice because it demonstrates a commitment to improving oral health utilising the different skills within the practice and within the locality.”

We strive to provide exemplary standards in family and cosmetic dentistry at our clinic thanks to the levels of skills achieved by the team of our dental professionals along with the most sophisticated treatments. We are also a teaching clinic and provide post graduate teaching and training for qualified dentists.

Boutique Dental 23 now accepts referrals from other dentists for Implantology, Oral surgery, Sedation , Advanced Periodontal Treatments (gum disease) and Endodontal Treatments (root canal) treatments. If you are considering any of the above treatments, please call for a consultation. Dentists to refer a patient please go to the ‘refer a patient’ on the home page.

We recruit only exceptional dentists, nurses and therapists to carry out all our patient’s treatments. All our highly trained staff are dedicated to providing you with the ultimate patient centred care by giving outstanding and compassionate service to ensure all patients are more than satisfied. We use cutting edge technology, only the very finest quality dental materials and dental laboratories to ensure all our patients received exceptional aesthetic results. We are passionate about the quality of our work and providing wonderful smiles and beautiful aesthetic dentistry at all times.

All our patients are routinely screened for Periodontal Disease, Oral Cancer, Tooth Wear and Dental Caries at each check up appoinment.

Boutique Dental Clinic is a Gold member of the BDA British Dental Association good practice meaning we have been providing our patients with outstanding treatment for over 15 years in a professional environment.

We have a dedicated decontamination room which allows us to meet best practice in infection control and helps us to keep our patients safe.

Boutique Dental 23 is also have dentists who specialise in treatment for anxious and nervous patients.

Disabled Access

The practice has a removable ramp that can be used for wheel chairs to gain access to our waiting room. A bell is situated on the door frame of the front door for our reception staff to be alerted when a disabled patient is outside.

We have 2 downstairs surgeries that are used for any patients that can not use the stair. Please request a downstairs surgery if you require one and your needs will be met.

We have 2 bannisters fitted to assist any patient that struggles with our steep stairs!

Unfortunately we do not have a downstairs toilet.

If you have any communication or any other needs that we need to be aware of please inform our staff and we will assist you in any way possible.