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Fixed Adult Braces – Change on Your Smile Today!

Do you want to straighten your teeth?

Its never too late (or too early) to use adult braces to achieve your best smile.

Don’t want to wear metal braces?

Concerned those procedures could be too invasive or too expensive?
Boutique Dental 23 is a leading orthodontist Wigan, specialising in achieving the best results via traditional braces.
Many adults spend their entire lives hiding their teeth when they laugh, smile or talk. Now, there is an effective, safe and affordable cosmetic treatment that will fit your lifestyle.

Fixed adult braces are a rapid aesthetic orthodontic straightening treatment that focus mainly on the front six teeth. The speed and almost invisible appearance of these braces make it a highly appealing option that can fit into anyone’s lifestyle.

The Importance of Straight teeth

  • Adult fixed braces use tested techniques and the latest orthodontic technologies to move your teeth quickly, efficiently and safely.
  • It also corrects dental crowding and straighten your teeth. The teeth can move more continuously giving ultimately a more comfortable and safe tooth movement.
  • Braces for adults work using tooth-coloured brackets and wires so they are barely visible.

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Fixed Braces: Before and After

Check out these transformations and how having straighter teeth improved the confidence of our countless patients.

Before | After
Composite BondingComposite Bonding
Before | After
Fixed Adult BracesFixed Adult Braces
Before | After
Fixed Adult BracesFixed Adult Braces

Orthodontic Treatment FAQs

What Are the benefits of getting braces as an Adult?

To improve you oral health, gum health and overall confidence.

How long will I wear them?

4 to 9 months, although though you can usually start seeing results in a matter of weeks.

Are braces recommended for adults?


Is there any age limit for braces?

Over 18 years old.

Which foods should I avoid while I have braces?

Very hard foods and very strong coloured foods.

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