Endodontic Microsurgery (Apical Surgery)

Endodontic microsurgery is a highly effective treatment for complex cases, such as a failed root canal, persistent infections as well as cervical resorption. We offer a unique referral service for dental surgeries, with our experienced and qualified endodontist Dr. Mitra Eli providing first-class endodontic microsurgery that is usually only available through a hospital.

What is Endodontic Microsurgery?

Endodontic microsurgery is where an incision is made through the gum to access the root of the tooth. Traditional root treatment accesses the root through the tooth, but in complex and problematic cases, it will be necessary to approach the problem from a different angle. The infected tissue at the root can then be removed, and a root-end filling is then used to seal the canal. The treatment is carried out while the patient is awake, but with local anaesthetic for a painless treatment.

How Apical Microsurgery Works?

Apical microsurgery works by removing the infected tissue from the end of the root. This can usually be treated through a traditional root canal procedure, but sometimes persistent and repeating infections require further treatment to resolve the issue. Carefully removing the infected tissue, with minimal trauma to the surrounding areas, allows for a swift and successful recovery.

Preserving Your Teeth by Performing Apicoectomy

With our state-of-art equipment and highly skilled endodontist, we can provide endodontic microsurgery where more conventional treatments have failed. We work with many dental surgeries to provide this unique treatment to help your patients maintain and prolong the health of their teeth. We are excited to collaborate with other leading dental surgeries to bring this enhanced level of expertise to all of our patients. With interest-free finance available, for up to 12 months, we can work together to solve complex dental problems. Speak to our helpful team today to arrange your referrals, call Boutique Dental 23 on 01942 727465

Interested in Endodontic Microsurgery?

Feel free to speak to one of the friendly team at Boutique Dental for a call back! We offer a unique referral service for dental surgeries that is usually only available through a hospital.. 0% Interest Free Finance for 6,10, & 12 Months is available please contact our reception team for finance applications and more information.

Treatment FAQs

Who is suitable for an apicoectomy?

Patients who have failed root canal treatments, repeated root infections, cervical resorption, or complex dental problems.

What happens during an apicectomy?

A small incision is made through the gum to access the root canal, and allow the endodontist to remove the infected or problematic tissue.

What is the success rate of endodontic microsurgery?

Endodontic microsurgery is a highly successful procedure and is an excellent treatment plan where other methods have not achieved the desired results.

How long does the surgery take?

It will depend on the complexity of the surgery and the individual treatment required, but we will discuss this in detail before the surgery so that the patient understands what to expect.

When is apical surgery recommended?

Where other treatment methods, such as root canal treatment, have failed, then apical surgery is recommended.

Is apical surgery painful?

During the surgery, we will use local anaesthetic to ensure that there is no pain throughout the procedure. After the treatment, the patient may experience some discomfort, which can be treated at home using anti-inflammatory painkillers.

Are there any risks or complications associated with apical surgery?

All surgery carries a small risk, apical surgery has a good success rate, and any complications will be swiftly and expertly dealt with.

Can apical surgery be performed by any dentist?

There are very few endodontists that carry out apical surgery, most people will need to seek surgery via a hospital. Here at Boutique Dental 23, we can exclusively offer apical surgery at our dental surgery, performed by our resident expert Dr. Mitra Eli.

Will dental insurance cover the cost of apical surgery?

This will depend on the extent of cover of the dental insurance. Always check your policy or speak to your insurance company to confirm your cover.

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