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Composite Bonding

Adding length onto the teeth

Reshaping the tooth where there has been wearing

Improve the appearance of discoloured teeth

Repair chipped or cracked teeth

Close spaces between teeth


Dental Bonding uses a special tooth-coloured resin which is applied to the tooth then hardened using a special light. This bonds the resin to the tooth either to restore it or to improve the appearance of the tooth.

Align, Bleach and Bond (ABB) is the latest smile makeover treatment and is one of the most popular techniques used at Boutique Dental and it is quick and non invasive.


bond 1

Worn and misshapen teeth can be given a new shape and extra length.



A discolored tooth can be bonded over to make it more visually pleasing.


bond2 bond3

Adding bonding to worn teeth gives the teeth a more desirable shape and length.