The whole experience was handled with the utmost professionalism…

I recently had a wisdom tooth extracted under sedation carried out by Mr. Vilas Patel at Boutique Dental.

I felt that the whole experience was handled with the utmost professionalism and felt very reassured by Mrs. Patel and the whole team that looked after me.

I was very anxious about the whole procedure, an this is why I chose to have the procedure performed under sedation. Mrs. Patel was very calming and talked me through the whole process and put me firmly at ease. I felt that she answered all of my questions and made me feel relaxed about the whole process and that nothing was too much trouble.

My partner, Mr. Williams was also present throughout the procedure and commented on the professionalism and integrity of the whole team and how well they all worked together. he as also very impressed that no matter how much I questioned Mrs. Patel when under sedation, she still answered all of the questions and showed true professionalism towards me, even though I wasn’t aware of anything.

I would not hesitate to see Mrs. Patel again should I have any further issues and would recommend her highly to anybody.