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Our first consultation appointment is free of charge for smile design. At this visit we will discuss and concerns you have about teeth and how we may be able to help you, we will inform you of all possible treatment options and give you an idea of costing’s.

We will demonstrate options by showing photographs of previous care that we have provided.

Should you wish to proceed with treatment, our first responsibility is to ensure your mouth is healthy and functionally stable. We will then arrange an appointment for a full dental examination.


You will be checked for oral cancer, gum disease, tooth decay and tooth wear. We will also check your jaw joint and examine how your bite functions. Radiographs will be taken as necessary and we will view these with you on the surgery computer monitor. We will carry out an aesthetic examination on your teeth and gums.


We will take clinical photographs of your teeth and smile. Where necessary impressions will be taken to allow us to manufacture study models of your teeth.


A review appointment will be made to discuss examination findings and to finalise treatment options. A full written treatment plan with costing’s will be provided.


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