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Do you have missing teeth or unsightly gaps?

Do you want to throw away your loose dentures?

Are you about to lose a tooth but don’t want a space in your smile?


Dental implants are the permanent solution for missing teeth.Placing a titanium implant into the jaw creates an anchor which allows us to do several things

Replace an individual tooth
Place a bridge with more than one tooth to close gaps
Retain a denture with a solid fit and a good bite
Maintain your bone structure for good facial support

Implant-4-before Implant-4-after 

 BOUTIQUE DENTAL strive to achieve the best results for our patients using only the highest quality implant systems. Implants are placed by Professor C Ucer – an internationally recognised implant specialist.


Benefits of implants

Replacement teeth look good and feel natural
No need to drill your natural teeth to hold in a bridge
Ability to chew with no denture looseness or gum irritation
Improved quality of life


To get great looking teeth with a solid bite

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